HeartsConverse.com Presents #THEKICKBACKV, DEC. 5TH (NYC)


 care more

A portion of proceeds from this event will benefit non-profit Care More, dedicated to providing care packages to homeless men, women & children. Learn more about the amazing movement they are building at letscaremore.com.

THE KICKBACK, a HEARTS CONVERSE interactive discussion event, was created to give young adults, particularly of color, a safe space to discuss things that matter to them. Social media has become a central meeting place for the connected generation to share thoughts on relationships, life and culture. This has granted us a new level of connectivity. But often ideas get misinterpreted and there is a limit to how far a discussion can go in the digital realm. THE KICKBACK is bringing back face-to-face conversations on these topics.

During this event, attendees have the opportunity to deliver their points and gain understanding of others. Our mission is to merge intellectualism and fun to build community among young adults who are often limited to social activities that don’t encourage them to think progressively or to genuinely connect with other people in a room. In the spirit of the salons held by the talented individuals of The Harlem Renaissance and during the Negritude era in France, THE KICKBACK is the meeting of minds for this generation.

Watch the recap from a previous event!